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  1. FT-IR spectrometer eases on-site analysis

    Executive summary

    The classic quality control model, based on collecting samples, sending them to the laboratory and waiting for results, is challenged by new instrumentation that is able to get the analytical answers in the field. Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is used widely in determining product quality.

    Because FT-IR spectrometers were delicate instruments, FT-IR only resided in the controlled environment of an analytical laboratory. Recently, this ...
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  2. Fingerprinting state of cure of automotive elastomers

    Executive summary

    This paper presents the development of pulsed proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique for determining the
    state of cure of polymeric materials.
    Traditionally, crosslink density by swelling technique has been used for the state of cure control on materials and
    finished products, such as O-rings, gaskets, couplings and other rubber applications.
    Swelling as a tool for understanding chemical makeup ...
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  3. Phép thử độ cứng của cao su lưu hóa

    Trần thị Hương

    Một số tiêu chuẩn thử nghiệm : IS0 48, IS0 1400, IS0 7619, IS0 1818, ASTM D 2240, ASTM D 1415, BS 903: Part A26 , BS 903: Part A57 , DIN 53519-1, TCVN 1591.

    Hình 1: Nguyên tắc của một phép thử độ cứng

    Đo độ cứng là một phép thử nhanh và đơn giản, được sử dụng rộng rãi trong ngành công nghiệp cao su. Độ cứng ...
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  4. Test overcomes shortfalls of scorch measurements

    Executive summary

    Traditional measures of scorch, such as Mooney scorch, ODR ts2, MDR ts1 and tc10, have been used to predict how well a new formulation will process in the factory. However, it has been recognized by many that different compounds can have identical traditional scorch values, but possess different propensities to
    “burn up” or “scorch” downstream in the manufacturing process. Now there is a new short test, ASTM D6204, which can be used with traditional ...
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